Titan Global Entertainment Acquisitions

Titan Global Entertainment acquires feature-length films from independent producers and production companies for the worldwide marketplace each year. Working with producers from pre-production to completion, we strive to maximize the potential of every film. Though Titan Global is new, its executives have over twenty years experience which puts Titan Global at the forefront of independent motion picture distribution. We maintain a presence at nine major film markets worldwide each year.  Titan Global maximizes revenue through long-standing relationships with an extensive network of clients throughout the globe, including buyers for theatrical, television, home video and all VOD/Digital and new media platforms, as well as its marketing expertise built over nearly twenty years experience. Titan Global handles both domestic and international rights, so we are looking for content that appeals to a worldwide audiences. We review all genres of films. We recognize that the business is in constant flux, however the one thing in the market that remains the same is the demand for quality film.

Submitting Your Film

For completed features, please send a DVD or Blu-Ray of the film along with a press-kit if one is available; include a brief synopsis, any notable cast and crew, budget, format shot on, and what rights are available.

For pre-packaged films in pre-production or films seeking completion funds for post-production, please call our offices to discuss how we can help.

Please mail submissions to:

Jessica Mathis
Titan Global Entertainment
23679 Calabasas Rd. #963
Calabasas, CA 91302


Phone: (747) 242-1016
E-mail: jessica@titanglobalent.net