Titan Global Entertainment develops the advertising campaign (key art) with top marketing/ad companies, which pulls the film's best marketing hooks to use to distribute the picture. Titan Global initiates a worldwide promotional campaign for the film aimed at generating maximum interest among potential licensees. This involves but is not limited to:

1. Preliminary meetings and correspondence with distributors;

2. Publicity plans in the international and local trades;

3. Trade advertising for the picture and accompanying feature articles and interviews with the principals;

4. The creation and dissemination of press kits, posters (one-sheets/sales sheets), promos and trailers.

These activities will be augmented or culminate at a major film and/or television market, Cannes, AFM, MIPCOM or MIP, where press and a variety of other marketing efforts will be used to create distributor interest in the film.

When a campaign and advertising approach has worked successfully in a specific territory, Titan Global quickly disseminates that information to the other territories, which have yet to release the film or are in the early stages of release. This cross-pollination of ideas and successful
approaches greatly assists the distributor in arriving at an effective campaign therefore aiding in a successful release of the film.