Sales Strategy and Licensing of Theatrical, Non-Theatrical, Home Video/DVD, Television, Internet, and Ancillary Rights:

Titan Global maximizes the opportunities to the Producer by assessing the various options available in the marketplace. These options will depend upon the nature of the film as it relates to the various avenues of exploitation and more importantly, the producer's financial goals, expectations, and objectives.

Titan Global develops a complete sales strategy aimed at reaching a level of advance minimum guarantees that is realistic to the marketplace and satisfactory to the Producer. Based upon this analysis, Titan Global establishes initial asking prices for license fees for each of the foreign territories and all domestic rights and medias.

In each territory Titan Global predetermines the ideal distributors for a specific film, since many distributors have developed a marked expertise in the exploitation and successful release of specific types of films in their territory. Titan Global negotiates and executes license agreements in each of the territories, on the Producer's behalf, covering the advance minimum guarantee and payment terms.

Titan Global Entertainment uses all industry standard deal memo and long form agreements provided by the American Film Marketing Association (AFMA).